Robedoor - Burners (2010)

Important Records

These dudes started out exploring the deep dimensions of the drone world, and have recently (in the last year or so) started putting out records with songs that actually resemble rock (somewhat). This album is what I always wanted this band to sound like: they still have the chaos of their drone albums, but with a heavier dynamic after adding in drums and bass. The result is a beautifully noisy record that feels like it could go on forever, but in the good way. Last song is a dooo0ozy!

burning man


Dr. Dre - Detox (2011)


Daaaaamn, I feel like I've been waiting for this album forever! Ever since I heard Forgot About Dre in 5th grade, I knew the man was on point. I gotta say though, that this is the direction I always hoped he would gravitate towards. As a middle class white guy, I can't really "get down" with guns and gangsters; I prefer to hear auto-tuned songs about getting tipsy off of champagne at the strip club. Hopefully we can get some Kid Cudi remixes soon! Pick up this hot fire kid, you know you've been waitin' on it!!!

mr. prescription