TV Ghost - Cold Fish (2009)

In The Red

This shit just rips. Ever have a bad day? These dudes have. You can tell by the frantic way the singer howls at you and the dissonant guitar riffs. Drums, bass, and a righteous synth round out the sound and rip your face off. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS IF YOU LIKE PUNK EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!!!!!!!!!1 Best punk record to come out in a while.

the singularity

MF Doom - Mm.. Food (2004)

Rhymesayers Entertainment

I love superheroes. I love food. I love rap. I love superhero food rap. That's why I love Mm.. Food. It takes the best of all three worlds; every song is on the theme of food, interspliced with samples from Fantastic Four and Doom's syncopated flow. Not to mention the beats are on point. Supa!

hoe cakes

Flower-Corsano Duo - Chocolate Cities


These dudes rule. Just two dudes shredding their instruments on a sugar high of 99% pure cocoa. This album doesn't have much in the way of structure, but it's great to let it ride and just see where it goes. Both of the musicians are extremely talented (and have many other projects, as is the norm of this type of music). Very eastern-influenced raga sound!!!

another? i couldn't possibly

Thee Oh Sees - The Cool Death of Island Raiders (2006)


Yet another too-long period has lapsed since the last post. Therefore I'ma hit y'all with an XL series of posts! First up is my favorite Oh Sees album. This one was made before they polished up their recording sound, so it's nice and fuzzy. The melodies are catchy but just weird enough to be distinctive. The female-male vocal pairing is pretty pitch perfect as well. Grab this! Moar comin'!

dumb drums